The first Big party!

We threw our first big kid’s party today. It was a 3rd birthday party for Tallis, his previous parties being small, low-key, family and very close friends’ affairs. We held it in a park close to our place, and hired a jumping castle for the day which was a huge success!

The big hit for the day was definitely the jumping castle!

The day also allowed us to meet some of Tallis’s childcare friends’ parents, for longer than a quick ‘Hi’ in the corridor at pick up time.The organisation was a bit daunting, and I can understand why people avoid ‘big’ parties, as they are a lot of work, but the squeals of delight from the kids as they barrelled down the slide in the jumping castle made it all worth it. I’m very glad that we won’t be doing it every week, but it was a lot of fun and I think everyone had a great day. Several kids and their parents were still there chatting away nearly an hour after the party had ‘ended’, so I think they had a good time!

The most fabulous cake, made by the equally fabulous Ruth.

Our great friend Ruth made the most fabulous cake I’ve ever seen, and Tallis’s eyes lit up as soon as he saw it. It was adorned with lollies, which Tallis beamingly feasted on after the cake was cut, and today, I just pretended not to notice.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the helpfulness and flexibility of the Tea Tree Gully Council, and very impressed with the service, professionalism and friendliness of Jump First Jumping Castles, and especially Tracy who was just marvellous as the castle supervisor. If anyone in the Adelaide area is thinking of getting a jumping castle for a party or function, I highly recommend them!

Tallis had a thoroughly wonderful day. And that diminishes the organisational pain to complete insignificance.

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