Caroline Brown is an electronic engineer, mathematician and mum of two little boys, Tallis and Lyndon. She has recently gone back to work after nearly a year off on maternity leave following the birth of Lyndon in March 2012, and is enjoying seeing her little boys grow up, become more independent and really show their personalities.

Passions and Interests

Caroline is passionate about animal cruelty and welfare and her beloved Geelong Football Club! Interests include organic and additive-free food, tennis, database design, photography, Australian Rules Football, technology, astronomy, Mahjongg (the 4-player game of four winds, not the solitaire matching game) and now – WordPress and web authoring. She is also trying to start being a better and more adventurous cook – with limited success!


Caroline spent 16 years (1991-2007) in the Royal Australian Navy, originally as a musician but mainly as a Weapons Electrical Avionics (WEA) engineer – the first female WEA in the Navy’s history. During that time Caroline lived in Melbourne, Sydney, Nowra and Adelaide. She served on HMAS KANIMBLA as the aviation engineer from 2000 to 2002, visiting places such as Iraq, Dubai, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain immediately following the September 11 terrorist attacks, and more peaceful places such as the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Thailand and Singapore during her time on board.

Caroline moved to Adelaide in 2003, having enthusiastically taken up a Navy posting there that allowed her to live in the same city as her mum for the first time in 15 years. Enjoying Adelaide, the proximity to her mum, and the bliss of living in the same house for more than a year prompted her to leave the Navy in 2007 and take up a position in the Australian Public Service within the Department of Defence. In 2011 Caroline transferred within the Department of Defence to the Defence Science and Technology Organisation.